Refinishing Your Basement: Where to Start

The basement is a useful addition to your house because it provides you some extra space underground. Its purpose can vary from home to home, but we can all agree that the basement is a room that will never be useless. As such, there will come a time when we’d want to refinish or upgrade our basement to make more use of it, and to do that, you’ll need to hire a basement renovation company for the job.

If you are new to basement finishing and similar types of services, then here are some of the useful tips to help you figure out where to start:

Basement Design

Of course, we must first figure out the purpose of your basement. Will it be a storage area? Is it another bedroom? Perhaps even a gym or a personal theater? The design of your basement would depend on each one, and the refinishing company would help you make that idea come true. Their team is experts in CAD and 3D modeling software, and they will use these to create a virtual plan of the design you want. Plus, given the size of your basement, you can already estimate how the area would be maximized.

Window and Door Installation

Basements are not really much for windows, and usually, there’s only a single door to enter this room. Still, we need to take these into consideration when doing a basement renovation. Depending on the purpose of your basement, the company can add new windows to allow a better circulation of air throughout the room, thus saving you money on air conditioning!

Room Lighting

Other than windows, proper lighting would only be your source of light in the basement. If you are planning to remodel your basement as a functional room, you don’t want it to be as dark as the ones we see in movies, right? Therefore, when coming up with a design for your basement, you could also start off with how much light you want there to be.

Integrity Restoration STL


Ah yes, nothing like a cool air conditioner on a hot summer day, or perhaps a nice heater on cold winters. Since the basement is located underground, the temperatures there can get pretty hot or pretty cold immediately. So, if you want to make your basement functional, you should also take into consideration the proper ventilation in the place. Windows are also helpful for providing air circulation, which can save you some money too.


Last but not the least, think of the furniture that you’ll place in your basement. If it’s a gym, then there would be a lot of exercise equipment littered about. If it’s a bedroom, then there would be a bed, some dressers, and a study table. As such, you should think of whether these items could all fit in the basement, plus of course an additional space for you to walk on. A professional kitchen remodeling companies, can create an accurate estimate of this furniture and arrange them in such a way that it would not disrupt any movement.

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